Trio to perform at Queens library April 16
Forest Hills is alive with the sound of music. The Forest Hills Chamber Players, a musical group based
in Forest Hills, will give a concert on April 16 at the Queens Village Public Library.
The Forest Hills Chamber players are comprised of Tanya Dusevic Witek (flutist), Krystof Witek
(violinist), and Katherine Cherbas (cellist). Krystof and Tanya Witek are married. They are all
residents of Forest Hills. The members of the Forest Hills Chamber Players completed their musical
education at the prestigious Juilliard School, and they have been playing together since they were

The goal of the Forest Hills Chamber Players is to provide access to music and musical education to
the public by providing free concerts. The members of the group acknowledge that the more affluent
usually have better access to music due to the often hefty price of concert tickets. In addition, certain
Queens' residents may encounter difficulties traveling to New York City, where many concert halls are
located. To date, the group has played at senior centers, churches, schools, and museums. Providing
free access to music allows the group to "give back to the community," Krystof Witek said.
Fall 2004 was the inaugural season for the group. The group has a vast repertoire, playing music from
Bach to Zorn, and Broadway tunes to Led Zeppelin. In addition to playing the music, the members
interact with the audience, and provide musical education. The Forest Hills Chamber Players want to
relate to the audience. Their objective to provide information about the composers and the selected
pieces in order to ameliorate the audience's understanding and appreciation of the music.

The program, entitled "Uno, Dos, Tres!" will include the works of Gaspar Cassado, Heitor
Villa-Lobos, and Astor Piazzolla as well as other selections.

The title of the program was selected for two reasons. There is a predominant Latin flavor due to the
composers' ethnic backgrounds. Cassado was born in Spain, Villa-Lobos was born in Brazil, and
Piazzolla was born in Argentina, respectively. All three composers were influenced by the folk music of
their respective countries, yet they extrapolated from it and created their own unique, sound. In
addition, the program also shows the possibility of all three instruments. While the group is featured,
there are also solo, duo, and trio settings.

With respect to their careers, all three members of the Forest Hills Chamber Players are professional
musicians. They have all received awards individually for their work, and have played at various
venues throughout the world, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Broadway theaters. Krystof
Witek holds a violin chair in the Broadway production of "The Lion King." Tanya Witek is also an
educator, working as a teaching artist for the Lincoln Center Institute and the New York
Philharmonic's School Partnership program. Both Tanya Witek and Cherbas work with children. Their
professional performances have been broadcasted on the radio in Canada, Radio France, and New
York City. In addition, their performances have been broadcasted on NBC, PBS, and the Bravo
television networks.

The legendary composer Bach has influenced both Krystof and Tanya Witek.

All three members encourage each other, and they also credit their family, colleagues, and friends for
providing moral support. The Forest Hills Chamber Players plan to have more concerts in Queens.

See The Forest Hills Chamber Players at the Queens Village Branch of the Queens Public Library,
94-11 217th St. in Queens Village at 3 p.m. For more information call 718-776-6800.

- Elisa Infosino © Times Ledger 2005
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